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dana, too old for this.
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exo-k - pepero cf

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i love these idiots    k    


baekhyun stans


sehun stans


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the PD asked tao why he is always so hyper and energetic, then tao reveals his lifestyle with a quote by Confucius

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TAO MY SON    tao    fave    do not lose    



im crey kai raise his hand to taemin to do their handshake in pretty boy but taemin trolled him and did the scissor sign in korean rock paper scissor (가위 바위 보) to beat him…just what to do with this kid…



priceless reaction from jongin lol

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the thrilling saga    taohun    

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ravi realizing he’s walking in the wrong spot

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me 2    vixx    ravi    

i can’t get the shape of your lips right. i never saw your smile and no matter how hard i try to picture it in my head, i can’t do it. i’m not doing your eyes any justice, and i’m sure i won’t get the curve of your back perfectly.

i keep trying and trying, but i never manage to get you right. i can’t recreate your beauty. but i need to do this. i need to create you. i need to make you as perfect as you were. i need to bring you back so i can hold you in my arms, so i can touch your face and kiss your lips, so i can call you mine. 

i need to bring you back because you should have survived. you should have escaped. you should have been able to feel the grass against your feet, the wind against your cheeks, to breathe in and know that you were free. i shouldn’t have left you behind. i need to create you so that you can live

i’m sorry. 

i’m so sorry. 

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INTO THIS AU    vixx    hyukbin    

okay, enough about hongbin’s face, let’s talk about hyuk’s reaction

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cuties    vixx    hyuk in the first one pls    


Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

성공한 팬 이홍빈입니다 ㅠㅠ 

I’m the successful fan, Lee Hongbin ㅠㅠ

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

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hongbean :(((    so cute :(((((((    hongbin    vixx