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In the latest breaking news, Jessica has finally broken her silence after posting on Weibo and released an update to media in the form of a letter. 

Jessica’s letter comes just moments after Tyler Kwon has updated his Weibo account, sending an encouraging message to Jessica as well as repeating that he has no plans to get married in the near future. 

He then sent a message to Jessica on Weibo stating, "Hey, hang in there~! The truth about what really happened will be known - we all got your back!"

Jessica’s message reads as below:

Hello, This is Jessica.

I was given a notice of departure from Girls’ Generation by my agency on September 29, and I cannot hide my shocked and upset heart about this, so I’m here to reveal my feelings.

I have always put Girls’ Generation’s activities before my business or personal life as a member of Girls’ Generation. However, despite my efforts for the team, I have been asked to leave the team by the agency.

While I was planning my business that I’ve had a lot of interest in since before, I had sufficiently consulted SM as well as the members about my preparation many times and asked for their understanding.

Up until the beginning of August when I was launching ‘BLANC’, I had made agreements and received permission from SM, and congratulations from the members as well.

However, in early September, after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position and held a meeting, and told me to either quit my business or leave Girls’ Generation without any justifiable reason. 

I explained that I had already received permission from the agency, that I had never neglected Girls’ Generation’s activities, and that I could not suddenly halt my business due to my contract with my business partner after a month. 

Ultimately, I pleaded that it was unjust for me to have to make a choice. Becoming a Girls’ Generation member was the best thing in my life, and I had never thought about quitting.

Shocked about this, I had met with the agency CEO on September 16 to convey my position, and once again confirmed their permission for carrying out my business.

However, on September 29, I was given a one-sided notice asking me to leave Girls’ Generation. Due to this, I was also unable to attend the fan meeting in China on September 30, and I have also been excluded from following Girls’ Generation activities.

I have received great pain and cannot hide my sadness that I was asked by the agency and fellow members, whom I’ve spent 15 years with putting in all my passion and effort, to leave Girls’ Generation just because of the reason that I’m starting a business.

I also want to apologize for causing concern to all the fans. Please understand that this situation is not at all what I had wanted, and that I’ve always treasured Girls’ Generation, and that I will continue to do so. Thank you for always supporting and loving me.



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if there was a boy group half as funny and attractive and talented as spica ppl would be so woke n that makes me mad ass fuck


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taochen for chels bc she once told me she prefers how I draw taochen the most over anything I draw T DT


taochen for chels bc she once told me she prefers how I draw taochen the most over anything I draw T DT

'your prince should be here soon'

'your prince should be here soon'

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chen // nylon korea

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